Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting dressed for Hoshiteru's misedashi

Usually, my oneesan would apply the oshiroi and lipstick on the day of my misedashi, but we might be too pressed for time, so here's pictures of me getting ready on my own.

For applying the makeup, I just wear my nagajuban, the second layer of underwear, with the shoulders pulled down and out of the way.

 The hair was provided by Hoshiko-neesan, one of her old creations.

The skin is from Geisha Dreams, a gift from okaasan.

 Take note of the sanbonashi, the three lines at the nape of the neck.  This is for formal occassions, and often requires a special stencil to paint.

 And the kyobeni (lipstick made from the benibara flower) goes on last.

And now with the bekkou kanzashi from kisetsu...

And here I am after donning my kuromontsuke from Geisha Dreams.  It's called Emerging Blossoms, and even has the kaishi chou mon as a built in option!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Tsukiko becomes Umetsuki and Hassaku

August 1st is Hassaku, the day when geisha dress in their most formal black kimono and pay visits to all the ochaya and okiya in their district.  In second life, there's generally only one ochaya per hanamachi, so instead geisha visit all the hanamachi they can in one day. 

Matsubaya participated in this tradition today for the first time, and we were welcomed very kindly by many groups.  Before Higurashi-neesan and I headed out, we sat for a little chat.
I know our tanabata decorations are still up rather late, but don't they just add cheer to the room?

a last view of my hairstyle as a kamuro

Isn't she just beautiful?
Then we went on the first round of Hassaku visits, to Gion Higashi and the Mitsuhana okiya.  I got to pet a kitty there!  From there we went to Little Yoshiwara, where Yoneyu the okaasan and Sayu, a geisha, graciously recieved us.  It was rather early, so I hope we didn't wake them up!

Next up was Pontocho, but no one was there.  We visited the Susanoo shrine, and I bought some good luck charms.
My new profile picture
I was promoted to shinzo during the day, and had rather a rapid growth spurt.  My name is now Umetsuki, Plum Moon.  The moon part of the name pays respect to my Oneesama Tsukuyomi.

We went on a second round of visits in the afternoon.  Tsukinoya yukaku in Hosoi, Hanafusa okiya in Miyagawacho, Mitsuhana in Gion Higashi, Kaishi Chou okiya...  A flurry of visiting!  The only one I snapped pictures for was Hanafusa and Tsukinoya.

Higurashi-neesan, Ryoichiro-niisan, and me visiting Tsukinoya in Hosoi

Higurashi-neesan with geisha from both Hanafusa and Mitsuhana

Ryoichiro-niisan, a kagema of Matsubaya.  Tsukihana-san of Mitsuhana is on the far right.
And then we had to head to Tenrai Yukaku, to prepare for our part in the grand performance that was part of their grand re-opening in a new location.  This was my first time dancing on stage.
Umetsuki, Higurashi-neesan, Momoirobara-chan

I enjoyed dancing, as you can tell from the smile
After the performance, at which Tsukinoya also performed, we went to Gion Kobu and the Karyukai okiya for our last visit of the night.

The ladies of Karyukai gifted me with a pink fan and a bottle of sake.  I drank it immediately so as not to offend.  The effects that had on me later at the ozashiki brought on an oath to never touch sake again!  Considering my future profession, I probably won't keep to that oath for many years.

My elders in both Tenrai and Matsubaya kept making jokes that confused me.  (sexual)  Perhaps I will understand better when I grow up.  Something about a futon being warmer with two people?

My elders left rather suddenly, and my head was dizzy, so I didn't manage to keep up with them.  Kitami, okaasan of Tenrai, looked after me and served me tea to combat the effects of the alcohol.  Higurashi came soon after to bring me home.

Now I spend my days preparing for my grand debut as a shinzo.  Oneesama has been teaching me dances.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I was in Furuba audio drama ep 17!

I'm the second janitor lady at about 7 minutes in.  Just one line, but whee!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buy an Oiran / Tayuu / Kagema day

 Futsunushi-san, me, and Higurashi-san through the bars

our newest kamuro

me playing the kokyuu while sitting behind Higurashi

 our lead kagema

 Kazumi, head tayuu of Suigetsu

two pictures of Ayame of Yukaku Tenrai on the night of her mizuage

 two pictures of Kitano, okaasan and head tayuu of Yuakaku Tenrai

Tsukuyomi-neesama, the okaasan of Matsubaya and my oneesan, acted as auctioneer for the evening

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saturday morning, I assisted at what I think was an impromptu ozashiki.  Played some shamisen, played some biwa, and generally helped out however I could.

 Two pictures of Higurashi-neesan, the head tayuu of Matsubaya.

 Kazumi-neesan, a tayuu of great beauty.

and little ol' me, Tsukiko the kamuro.  Playing my brand new biwa.