Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Umetsuki becomes Tsukioka, or the tale of the dual mizuage of Umetsuki and Mizumi

On Sunday, July 6th, 2014...

The long dreamed of day of my mizuage came, after weeks of secret bidding in hushed tones. Carefully chosen was my kimono, and the poems to be recited during the dances.  As for the dances, endless rehearsals preceded that evening.  

But truly, years went into the making of this evening, from that day my stepmother urged father to sell me to Matsubaya and I became a kamuro, to the day Higurashi-kaasan of Matsubaya deemed me suitable to become a furisode shinzo, to the day Matsubaya closed its doors and Suigetsu bought us, to today.  I am honored by all those who have helped me along the way.

fixing my makeup just before the ozashiki, making sure my benibara was applied just right.
standing in the Chinese-style Moon Gate that leads to our zashiki room, waiting for the patrons to arrive
The first arrival of the night, a lay buddhist priest.

 The following two pictures are from the ozashiki itself, but to name names would be indiscreet.

After the ozashiki, Mizumi and I removed ourselves to sit behind the red bars of the appearance room, the sign for the final bidding to begin.  It was a silent auction, with no one but the patrons themselves and Kazumi-kaasan knowing the amount of gold being offered.  I know only that okaasan was pleased with the sum total.
behind the red bars
It would be far too indiscreet to show pictures from the deflowering!  Let it be said alone that I think the patron (whose achievement in winning my auction is already rumored far and wide) was well satisfied.

Afterward, I returned from the ageya he selected (which happened to be his house) to the yukaku, for a relaxing smoke by the stream with Okaasan, and Mizumi.

And here's a sneak peek from a few days later. My new hairstyle, as a tomesode shinzo, wearing my summer yukata.
My new yukata has a motif of asagao!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Possible Mizuage ensembles

I have a few to choose from, dear readers.

Choice 1
The first has a pattern of cranes, an auspicious motif.

 Choice 2
The second has a pattern of goldfish.  A goldfish in its bowl has often been compared to the residents of a yukaku.

 Choice 3
And the last choice is a more mature look, as the event coming up marks the last day of her virginity and her advancement to tomesode shinzo.

Matsubaya's final location

In September of 2013, Matsubaya could no longer afford the land it stood upon.  This is a tour of the beautifully landscaped grounds

May 27, 2013 Wakaba's debut as a shinzo

On March 27th, 2013, the kamuro Momoirobara (pink rose) was no more.  In her place came Wakaba, shinzo of Matsubaya.

Higurashi kneels to untie Momoirobara's obi
Does she look nervous?
Kazumi, tayuu of Suigetsu
Umetsuki assisted in her capacity as furisode shinzo, pouring drinks and handing out snacks
Wakaba stands proudly wearing her obi in the front, as a furisode shinzo
rightly proud of herself on this day

Memories of Matsubaya March 2012 - January 2013

Higurashi-kaasan, Umetsuki the furisode shinzo, and Momoirobara the kamuro attending a Hina Matsuri event at Blue Lotus, dressed for like the dolls of the holiday in Heian court dress.
around the kotatsu for snacks

 In August of 2012, Higurashi-kaasan, Umetsuki the furisode shinzo, and Momoirobara the kamuro attended an open air odori put on by Karyukai, as part of their summer festival.
Momoirobara, kamuro.  went as
Higurashi, oiran and okamisan of Matsubaya
Summer goldfish ensemble for Umetsuki

In October of 2012, Matsubaya and Shinmachi participated in an oiran dochuu in Aosagi.

Shinmachi's group in the parade

Umetsuki on display during the lantern festival.  October 2012

Umetsuki in her awase ensemble, appropriate for autumn, winter, and spring.  The design is that of knotted letters, possibly with love poems written inside.

In March of 2012, Matsubaya left this location, to set up in another one after a few months of searching for just the right one.
the shrine to Tsukuyomi, kami of the moon, brother of Amaterasu
one of the resident peacocks
the sacred sakura tree